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28/03/2010 09:01:05 by Jim

Where does it say that we must engineer populations of birds to suit orselves?So what if Sparrowhawks are killing small birds,this what they do.
Ill explain how it works..Over millions of years,life has generally evolved into 2 basic types-Predators(also derived scavengers) and Prey.For example,70,000,000 years ago the predators were the Theropod Dinosaurs,such as T-rex.Then you had the prey such as Triceratops,and for millions of years WITHOUT any interference from humans these animals fed and escaped from each other..
Then humans came on the scene and ballsed it all up-we began to see animals as either cute,like Blue Tit,or nasty and cruel,like Sparrowhawk.
Wild animals do not seek,or want or interference-when small"cute"birds visit your garden,they are there for whatever you put out,they are NOT there because they like YOU.The Sparrowhawks are there because their food is there-i.e Blue Tits etc.See,how it works now?
Those small birds belong to no one,except the world,and must live within its rules,that is too slow,not paying attention,you will be feeding the Sparrowhawk.Perhaps to be really kind people should stop feeding birds,because then they would not be such an easy target!Just let nature be.Its very depressing to see comments advocating culling Hawks.I would like to see the term"garden birds" dropped,and woodland birds in its place."Garden birds" suggests a kind of symbiotic relationship,in which people are the guardians of the birds,when we are not.We should think less of protecting birds,more of protecting the whole of Nature!


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