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Killing of Birds of Prey.
27/07/2008 07:42:53 by Jim

In todays news,was an item stating that illegal killing of Birds of prey is at an all time high.Surprisingly,much of this takes place upon private Grouse moors,etc.Obviously this is directly linked to the ghastly continuance of "game"shooting,by toffs with nothing better to do,Now,i feel the RSPB ought to screaming from the rooftops,calling for the ending of Grouse shooting,(the Red Grouse,Lagopus lagopus scoticus,is a unique endemic)thus removing the percieved need to eliminate predators.
But no,because,that well known wildlife campaigner the duke of Edinburgh,loves nothing better than blasting harmless birds to bits with a huge shotgun,they wont,as they may lose the "Royal",and then that may affect their rapacious marketing strategy,known as then as only the "SPB".
It does not matter that "there are already laws in place",which they always hide behind,as much of this killing goes on in very remote areas,and with crime on the up everywhere,the police do have their hands full,in the urban areas.
I argue,that if these private shooting areas did not exist,then,the wildlife would be relatively unmolested.
Why doesnt the RSPB campaign against shooting?
Their argument rests upon that,if the Grouse moors had to close,as it were,then the owners would sell the land,and build supermarkets on it,or something.Nonsense,most of this land is so remote that you couldnt build anything that people would want to visit anyway,and the area itself is probably very bad for any kind of development,so by default in most cases would have to stand idle anyway,as wild land.I guess some my be lost,but rather lose a few acres of land,where the wildlife could displace anyway,than have gangs of armed psychos blasting anything that moves to bits in the name of enertainment.
I think it is an absolute SCANDAL,that in this enlightened age,where we are all encouraged to be "green" and mind our "carbon footprints",that a large conservation body,the RSPB,is willing to turn a blind eye to the annual slaughter of birds,all in the name of marketing.The Red Grouse is a Bird,a native,endemic species,just like the Golden Eagle,White tailed Eagle,Red Kite,Goshawk,that they always are banging on about being persecuted,yet the poor Red Grouse is ignored conviently,so snotty toffs can fill their plus fours with the excitement of killing!
Again i urge all true wildlife,or bird lovers to cancel your subcription to the Royal Society for the Protection of Lucrative Birds(RSPLB from now on),who do b****r all to protect birds,and join the LEAGUE AGAINST CRUEL SPORTS!!!
Thank you for reading,and do cancel your ineffective RSPLB memberships.

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